Clairevista's Free Weight Area

Weight Training

If you’re into weight training—and hopefully you are because nothing develops a toned body like weight training—you won’t be disappointed by the many tools at your disposal.

Let’s start with one of our Free Motion pieces—the Double Cable Cross. This is THE most remarkable fitness training machine on earth! We’ve come up with over 220 exercises (so far) that this machine can provide. Other easy to use, multi-use equipment is available and VERY effective for strength building, weight loss and body toning.

You won’t be disappointed if you’re a little more old-school and like to pump-up with dumbbells and barbells. We’ve got dumbbells from 1-100 lbs., a multi-use cage for squats, bench presses and other lifts, and if you’re a real bad-a@@, you can have a go with our Olympic weight-lifting set.

Now, if you’re a fitness enthusiast you might suspect that we have much of what we’ve already listed as available in our club. But, we’re just getting started….

Weight-lifting can become boring and stagnant. Well, at least that’s what some might say. There’s no way one should become bored in our club with all the unique equipment available. We’ve got Swiss balls, Bosu balls, kettlebells, Warrior Ropes, balance boards, medicine balls, push-up bars, resistance bands and more. And give us a moment to brag…you’re not going to find another boutique club like ours that has kettlebells and a TRX suspension training unit; guaranteed to make any workout fun and effective. For those of you who like vacationing on wintry slopes, we’ve got the Fitter ski trainer.

Bottom-line…whatever your goal, we’ve got the equipment necessary to make it happen.


Pilar L. says:

“At 37 and after three kids, it only took six months to look & feel better than I did in my 20s.”

Vicki G. says:

“After being away from a gym for over 20 years, I thought getting back to exercising would be hard and strenuous. It may have been tough on my own, but not with the great staff at Clairevista. They made it fun and easy to get started again. It’s been just three months and I feel better than I have in years, and by the compliments I receive, I must look better too! Thanks, Clairevista!!!”