Chris vs. His Endorphins (or lack thereof) vs. A West Dallas Half-Marathon

Nope.  I didn’t sign up for one of those half-marathons where a bunch of people run for a great cause.  Nope…it was just on the schedule to do so in training for the up-coming Dallas marathon, which runs right by my club in Oak Cliff – YEAH!  On this day, I had to run 13.1 miles…the longest run of my life…without the support of all those who love to run half-marathons.  I had the right attitude to get’r’done, but my on-going hope to find my endorphins left me…well…read on…


I don’t know if I’ve really yet experienced an “endorphin high”.  Maybe someone can tell me.  I mean, there was one run I went on after a couple cocktails.  I was pretty numb to the pain on that one, but I don’t think it was due to endorphins.  Every once in awhile a song comes on in my headphones and my legs feel like they’re given a shot of adrenaline.  That’s pretty cool, until the next song (when I pay for ramping up my speed).  I thought for sure a 2+ hour half-marathon would wake up those endorphin buggers.  You decide…


30 minutes in – “I feel pretty tight and tired.  Some endorphins would be nice.  Endorphins?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?”


40 minutes in – “Hey!  I think I might be tapping into something here.  Things are feeling better.  Endorphins?”


44 minutes in – “Not feeling great again.  Must’ve been that downhill.”


1 hour 15 minutes in – “Alright!  This is what I’m talking about – a random rush of “go get-em'”!  I think I will.  Let’s go ENDORPHINS!”


1 hour 20 minute in – “Are you kidding me?  Are you f#%kin’ kidding me?!!  This is it?  This is how long an endorphin high lasts?  Wtf? (do we now say “wtf” to ourselves instead of the whole sentence?”.


1 hour 42 minutes in – “My legs don’t want to move.  My hip flexors hurt….  My legs don’t want to move…  This is not good.  I’ve got a couple miles to go.  Push…just push.”


1 hour 55 minutes in – “I gotta finish this going uphill.  I’ve done this before…and it sucks.  I have an appointment in less than an hour.  I need to find another route…  Maybe I’ve got more endorphins in a tank somewhere.”


2 hours 5 minutes in – “I’m gonna make it.  Where the hell was that “runner’s high” people talk about?  Endorphins…what a bunch of crap!  I know runner’s who have told me that’s why they run…to feel that experience.  Whatever.  Bull-s%#t.”


2 hours 10 minutes and finished – “I made it.  This is torture.  Why would anyone want to do this?  I’m gonna do it.  I’m gonna run this marathon…ONCE!  Torture…ridiculous.”


Hey, for those that know me or have read previous posts about me not being a “runner”, please feel free to give me some tips.  Right now, running is primarily a mental challenge (which is paying me nothing monetarily) and a physical beat-down (which is more than I need to go through for good health and physical ability).  Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know there’s a greater purpose (which I’ve written about), so then just allow me this rant…  Why would anyone take hours to find a “high” or success physically when they can accomplish something in the gym with weights that takes far less time, is less of a repetitive beating, and rewards in a similar manner?


Run on (I guess), Chris



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