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Are You A “Well-Being”?

It’s important that we not forget how important all aspects of our lives intertwine with one another.

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3 Steps To Your Best Body, by Chris Weigel

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In The Whole Golf Conditioning

Golf Conditioning

Our Golf Conditioning program was originally developed by our founder—Chris Weigel—as he became Dallas’ first Certified Golf Biomechanic in 1999. It was an extension of his athletic development services which provided athletes of all sports the opportunity to advance their athletic performance with safe, effective, sport-specific training techniques. And believe it or not, golf IS an athletic event.

By addressing the essential components of athletic development, (strength, speed, agility, flexibility, nutrition, etc.), Chris’ current and former coaches have improved the performance of athletes at all levels (see Athletic Development).

But before assuming that you’re good and ready to participate in training to improve accuracy and increase distance, our In the Whole program utilizes various assessment techniques to determine physical deficiencies.

Improve your swing with our "In The Whole" golf conditioning

Our program aims to correct physical issues limiting your ability to perform the “ideal” swing. What’s “ideal?” Well, we leave that up to you and your swing instructor. It’s not our place to teach you how to swing. It IS our job to condition your body in a way that is flexible and strong enough to perform your ideal swing…consistently.

After successfully treating and correcting any deficiencies we find, our Golf Biomechanics will introduce high-performance training specifically aimed at maximizing distance and improving control. You may have spent hundreds if not thousands on better technology in order to improve your game, but the bottom line is…it’s not the arrows (golf clubs/technology)…it’s the Indian (golfer). In fact, we’re so confident that our In the Whole golf conditioning program will improve your consistency and distance that we GUARANTEE RESULTS.

You’ll hit the ball longer and straighter following our In the Whole golf conditioning program or we’ll give you 100% of the money back that you invested PLUS a box of new Titliest PRO-V1s. Try and get that from your pro shop or club out-fitter.

Matthew Rosenfeld, 2000 USGA Junior Champion

“My Golf Biomechanic has been great for my game. I’ve worked with him through high school, college, and now as a pro.”

—Matthew Rosenfeld, 2000 USGA Junior Champion

Whether programming for golf professionals such as Paul Stankowski and Lee Trevino, assisting amateurs such as 2000 U.S. Junior Champion and 2006 Big Twelve Championship medalist Matthew Rosenfeld, or working with the local “weekend warrior,” Clairevista and its network of specialists have successfully helped hundreds of golfers in the past and are certain to help you finally get that edge over your buddies.

If you’re ready to get started right away, contact us and request a FREE CONSULT to discuss your game and your golf related goals.

Kathy C. improved her golf handicap

“My Golf Biomechanic teams with my golf instructor to help him understand my body’s strengths and weaknesses and to learn from him the positive aspects and limitations of my golf swing. The result is that my Golf Biomechanic can create exercises and activities in the gym that mimic the actions that I need to learn to make improvements in my golf swing. Together, that equals a 2 handicap!”

—Kathy C.

The “In The Whole” approach to golf conditioning

Our Golf Biomechanics recognize all of the many components that add up to a low score such as: state of mind, course management, proper instruction, and perfect practice. Our In the Whole golf conditioning program is not meant to substitute for any of these components—it is complementary.

As a teaching pro you may find it difficult for many clients to achieve “ideal” positioning of the body during various phases of the swing. This leads to frustrated golfers who fail to perform an efficient and consistent swing. Why? There are very few athletes (let alone the average golfer) who have proper muscle length/tension relationships (flexibility vs. strength), optimal range of motion about joints, and stability and strength necessary to perform an efficient and repeatable swing.

It is the focus of our Golf Biomechanics to assess each individual and identify physical limitations precipitating swing faults prior to developing specific corrective and high-performance conditioning programs. A golfer’s true potential can only be achieved by developing golf specific functional ability in conjunction with proper instruction and of course…practice, practice, practice!

M.L. playing golf

“Trust is the first word I think of in describing my relationship with my Golf Biomechanic. I totally trust my physical development and well-being with him. I have been working with my coach for almost six years and his passion, dedication, and knowledge of physical health, development and growth through exercise, nutrition, stress management, and motivation is the best I’ve ever been associated with…by far.”


Why Condition For Golf?

  • To reduce and/or prevent injury and pain.
    • At any given time as many as 30% of all professional golfers are playing injured.
    • 53% of male and 45% of female golfers suffer from back pain.
    • Those who play golf and participate in another sport are 40% more likely to develop back pain than those who just play golf.
  • As a whole, the ability of golfers has improved very little despite significant technological advances.
    • In 1938 GE used a machine to measure Sam Snead and Gene Searizan’s club speed at 70 miles per hour, which generated a drive of 250 yards. In 2000, golf professionals averaged 125-mph club speed and 285 yards. The increase in distance does not reflect the significant improvement in club speed.
    • Byron Nelson’s scoring average in 1945 was 68.25. Tiger Wood’s 2000 average was 69.
    • Fifteen years ago the average American male golfer’s handicap was 16.2. The average female golfer’s handicap was 29. Today, the average American male golfer’s handicap is 16.2, and the average female golfer’s handicap is 29!
  • Golf is an athletic event
    • A golf club can travel over 100 miles per hour, an effort comparable to pitching a baseball.
    • Amateur golfers achieve approximately 90% of their peak muscle activity 30-40 times per round. This is equivalent to a weight you can only lift four times, for 30-40 sets!

The level of exertion and muscle activation needed during a round of golf is comparable to the demands of sports such as football, hockey and martial arts. All of which integrate specific strength and conditioning programs into their sport.

“Before working with Clairevista’s Golf Biomechanic I would have back pain for a couple days following a round of golf. Now, I can play several days in a row without any trouble.”

—John V.

Drive the ball longer, putt with greater accuracy and score low by investing in what your buddies or competition can’t buy at the local golf superstore—a body re-designed specifically to play great golf.

You don’t need to lose anymore money on the course, and you won’t lose any money investing any in our programs since we GUARANTEE YOU’LL HIT THE BALL LONGER AND SCORE LOWER or we’ll give you your money back.


Pilar L. says:

“At 37 and after three kids, it only took six months to look & feel better than I did in my 20s.”

Vicki G. says:

“After being away from a gym for over 20 years, I thought getting back to exercising would be hard and strenuous. It may have been tough on my own, but not with the great staff at Clairevista. They made it fun and easy to get started again. It’s been just three months and I feel better than I have in years, and by the compliments I receive, I must look better too! Thanks, Clairevista!!!”