Peggy’s AMAZING Medical and Physical Results from Personal Training

I’m so happy when one of our members or clients share their personal success story.  It motivates me to continue to improve my own well-being, as well as the health and vitality of those around me.  Peggy has worked with our coach Diana for almost two years now.  If you haven’t met Diana, you don’t know that this means almost two years of laughing through pain.  Here is Peggy’s testimonial:


“Joining Clairevista changed my life.  Having realized that I had spent most of my life yearning to lose weight and be fit I decided I needed to take significant action rather than just thinking about it.  The fortune cookie, ‘A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds,’ pushed me over the edge – I had to have help.  I could not do it by myself.”


“I began working out with Diana in March of 2011.  Her enthusiasm and fun spirit makes it a delight to exercise.  She pushes me just enough and encourages my efforts.  She changes my routine every couple of weeks and is careful of my form.  When it came to renew my training with her there was NO hesitation on my part – I had made great progress and I knew with her it would continue.”


“Besides feeling better, looking better and losing weight, there have been some amazing medical benefits!  My blood pressure has decreased to the point where I can discontinue my medication.  The latest bone scan came back and I am now normal rather than suffering from osteopenia.  But even more amazing is the shift in my point of view regarding exercise.”


“It used to be when I was stressed I ate – now I head to the club to workout on my own.  If feels good to sweat!  I have enjoyed working in the garden and the yard for the first time in years – I can dig a trench, bend over repeatedly and plant seeds and trim a tree without being stiff and sore for a week!  The world has opened up for me because of Clairevista and Diana!”


Is that awesome or what?!!  Kudos to them both for putting forth the effort to create real change.  Hopefully, those of you reading this have similar recent success stories.  If not, be honest with yourself and ask, “Do I need a coach?”  There are many aspects of our lives that are better lead by a mentor, coach or other guiding influence.  There are many tasks in life that call for a specialist to complete correctly.  I give all of you who successfully take charge of your health & fitness by yourself a big thumbs up – it ain’t easy.  Just think…some of the best looking bodies you can think of (i.e., athletes) have a coach directing them, teammates relying on them, agents and others who help assure that workouts get done.  To show up to the gym day after day after day…by yourself…is tough!  To continually motivate yourself to work hard is tough – in and outside the club.  Bottom-line, whether you can do it on your own or if you need a little help, be honest with yourself, don’t give up, and find a way to look and live as you desire.



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Chris Weigel, Owner/Manager of Clairevista Vitality Club

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