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Are You A “Well-Being”?

It’s important that we not forget how important all aspects of our lives intertwine with one another.

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Personal Training

Personal training is something we’re very serious about, and when it comes to finding a personal trainer in West Dallas…we’ve got a few things to say…

First, it’s not inherent knowledge to know how to “exercise” or use gym equipment. We don’t expect you or anyone else to come through our club doors (or any other Dallas club/gym) and know what to do. That said, it’s essential that you DO know how to take advantage of your time in the club, get results, and exercise without injury.

In our opinion, everyone needs the knowledge of a personal trainer. For this reason, we start you right off the bat with a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING session or two when you become a member. The last thing we want to see are our members wandering around aimlessly and getting frustrated or self-conscious while trying to figure out what to do.

Second, there’s probably no time in your day when you’ll experience the load, torque or level of exertion that you may encounter with a workout at a gym or health club. Don’t think you can go straight from the couch or work desk to the squat rack. You won’t need a personal trainer with that approach, you’ll need a doctor.

Our personal trainers (we call them Vitality Coaches) realize this and therefore assess your starting point before assuming you’re good to go lunge, squat, push, pull and twist yourself into shape. You’re not like everyone else and our personal trainers/coaches realize that and program accordingly.

ML outside Clairevista Vitality Club in Oak Hills

“Trust is the first word I think of in describing my relationship with my Vitality Coach. I totally trust my physical development and well-being with him. I have been working with my coach for almost six years and his passion, dedication, and knowledge of physical health, development and growth through exercise, nutrition, stress management, and motivation is the best I’ve ever been associated with…by far.”

—M.L., shown left outside Clairevista


Quick rant…

Did you know that anyone can become “certified” as a personal trainer in less than a weekend through some fly-by-night organization? In fact, we’ve read where a couple fellow personal trainers have attempted and SUCCESSFULLY CERTIFIED A DECEASED PERSON through a “personal training organization.” That’s ridiculous!!!

Nobody should entrust their body, their health and their safety with someone who learned about the complexity that is the human body…IN A WEEKEND!!! Agree?

Our West Dallas Team has observed thousands of personal training sessions and has concluded that it’s as easy to get injured using a personal trainer as it is to achieve your goals using a personal trainer. The difference? What personal trainer you chose to work with. This brings us to our last point.

Clairevista's holistic approach helped Christie N.

“My Vitality Coach is a gifted teacher. He has an intuitive ability to sense what’s holding you back, the skill to communicate that honestly and compassionately, and the determination to stick with you as you make challenging life changes. My coach has made me realize that health is about much more than physical fitness—it’s also about the mind and spirit. I’ve experienced a truly holistic approach where each session meets what I need, whether that be invigorating exercise or relaxing breathwork.”

—Christie N.

If you’re going to work with a personal trainer (which we believe everyone should, at least long enough to get an individualized program designed for them), make sure your personal trainer is:

  1. Educated. This should usually come from a combination of traditional academia (i.e., college degree) and certifications from within the health & fitness industry.
  2. Experienced. You don’t want to be someone’s guinea pig. Make sure your personal trainer has at least two years of experience or has someone overseeing their programming and training.
  3. Professional. You’ll be amazed at all the Dallas personal trainers out there who are also hair-stylists, bartenders, etc., etc…. We have nothing against those professions, but we believe you should know that the personal trainer you’re working with needs you to be successful because their career depends on it. That way, you’ve got a better chance of your trainer paying attention to your form, instead of eating, talking on the phone, or checking who’s looking good in the gym.

All our Vitality Coaches have these three points associated with their backgrounds, or, they work hand-in-hand with our Director of Coaching to assure their work is top notch.

Clairevista member George H. hits the slopes

“My coach fixed my back pain and got me in shape to go from a desk job to a ski instructor in Steamboat Springs.”

—George H.

Our personal training work is so top notch that WE GUARANTEE RESULTS. Try and find another Dallas gym or club that will give you a money-back guarantee on your results while working with one of their personal trainers. You won’t find it. Why? Because nobody has a team of Vitality Coaches like we do; a team that works together on exercise programming, nutrition and stress management, in an effort to get clients results quickly, safely and permanently.

Visit our Meet Our Team page to learn more about our Team of Vitality Coaches.



Pilar L. says:

“At 37 and after three kids, it only took six months to look & feel better than I did in my 20s.”

Vicki G. says:

“After being away from a gym for over 20 years, I thought getting back to exercising would be hard and strenuous. It may have been tough on my own, but not with the great staff at Clairevista. They made it fun and easy to get started again. It’s been just three months and I feel better than I have in years, and by the compliments I receive, I must look better too! Thanks, Clairevista!!!”