Power Through Your Workouts With Homemade POWER WATER!

I have to make a conscious effort to not shake my head every time I walk down and aisle or see a cooler that displays some sort of “healthy”, “fitness”, or “performance” water.  It is such a joke, yet people buy and swallow this crap left, right, and center.  You’re wasting your money!


You cannot simply sprinkle in a few random vitamins and minerals and have a product that is anything like a REAL food product that actually contains ALL the different elements we need to utilize vitamins and minerals.  So, unless you like expensive urine, don’t buy the hype.  I know, I know…the packaging is great and the commercials are even better.  I mean, if Tiger Woods is drinking it then we should too, right?  Or…is he a bad example for what we should and shouldn’t do? ;)

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Not only are you paying for additives that are supposed to better our health or increase our performance and DON”T, but you’re also buying a toxic load that DETRACTS from your health.  What do you think makes up some of those pretty colors – blue, orange, red, etc…?  Dyes, toxic dyes.  But, at least they taste good.  Whatever.  I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone say something like, “Well…I just don’t like drinking water and this makes me drink it because it tastes good.”  Uh, huh…and what do you think makes them taste so darn good?  It’s usually one of two things: loads of sugar or toxic artificial sweetener (combined with artificial flavoring) – both of which can only help you get fat!  Yes, there are a few exceptions out there whereby a good filtered water has had something added to it to make it more palatable (i.e., fresh mint), but you won’t find those in a stand-alone drink cooler or most of the stores that sell your typical “sports drink”.


Those drinks hyped up to boost your performance or help you recover just don’t apply to many of you.  If you’re not exercising for over 90 minutes they’re not going to help you anymore than water without additives.  But, if you do exercise at least this long and/or find yourself sweating profusely due to the environment you’re exercising in, I’ve got the perfect homemade POWER WATER recipe for you:


Take a 24oz. bottle of water, pour off 4 ounces, and add the following:

4 tsp. dextrose (glucose)

1/8 tsp. celtic sea salt

1/32 tsp. di-potassium phosphate


You can drink this through your most demanding workouts or competition and need nothing else.  You’ll maintain hydration while replacing electrolytes.  Load up a few bottles ahead of time for the week and you’ll be good to go…while saving a bunch of money!

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Chris Weigel, Owner/Manager of Clairevista Vitality Club

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