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Are You A “Well-Being”?

It’s important that we not forget how important all aspects of our lives intertwine with one another.

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Stress Reduction

If there’s one thing most of us can say is true, it’s that our life is TOO STRESSFUL!

It’s like you’ve either got a partner that nags or a boss that’s a pain in the rear…kids that demand your attention or a house that needs cleaning…no time for fun or too much fun consuming lots of food or alcoholic beverages…yard work, traffic, no time for breakfast, no time for relaxation…this list goes on. Sound familiar?

But, do you really know how stressed you are? Internally, do you know how well your body (the various organs, glands and systems) is dealing with your current lifestyle and the many stressors?

We can tell you how stressed you are internally. We can even tell you how to take a load off any particular area of the body having an issue keeping up with your lifestyle.

Mel R. hiking

“My coach has helped me reach numerous goals over the past few years while emphasizing a ‘balanced life.’ He examined and corrected postural stress issues. He determined my ideal foods through Metabolic Typing, recommended stress-reduction techniques, provided specific bodywork for pain-relief, and designed (with his team of specialists) natural health solutions for hormone imbalances, fatigue, and digestive problems. What are we working on now? Hiking to the top of Kilimanjaro the fall of 2008!”

—Mel R.

Are you experiencing Groundhog Day over and over again? You know, where you wake up tired in the morning, fight traffic and rush to work, work a job you’re not particularly happy with, crash on the couch at the end of the day and finally fall asleep…only to wake up the next morning and do it all over again?

How’s that feelin’? Not good, right? Well…

STOP IT! GET CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE AND LIVE IT AS YOU WISH!!! Sure, that sounds a little “pie in the sky,” but definitely possible. DEFINITELY! We know because many of our clients (and ourselves) are livin’ it! And we want to help you do the same.

I’m sure you’re ready for a change right now, and we hope you contact us ASAP to learn more about our stress reduction programs and how you can begin to live a happier and healthier life right away. But, if you want a little more info. RIGHT NOW, keep reading…

One option with our programs focuses on determining your core values and beliefs, and how to live according to them. To take this step, you have to realize that NOW is the time for you to finally take charge of your life—in every way. It is time to stop hoping and wishing for things to be different in your life, and time to TAKE ACTION!


This part of our programming is designed to coach you out of the human hamster wheel—the wheel that has you day after day making poor choices and repeating bad habits; a life that may suit your employer or the needs of someone else demanding your attention, but not the life you would actually choose for yourself if you thought you had that kind of control.

This programming assists you in discovering the life YOU want to live by prioritizing YOUR values, analyzing YOUR beliefs, and finally developing a plan of action for living according to YOUR desires. If you want to live a less stressful life you have to live in congruence with your values or priorities, and that’s not as simple as it sounds. When was the last time you analyzed where you spend your time, money and energy? Hmmm???

Various lessons are addressed sequentially and at your own pace during this programming. You will have a personal coach with you on this journey, for motivation and to help keep you on track. While your coach may have his/her own beliefs about what constitutes a “good” or “healthy” lifestyle, this wisdom will be yours to keep or discard as you formulate your own priorities, beliefs, and goals for everyday living. In the end, it is the goal of this programming to coach you toward discovering a life that you find fulfilling each and every day, and one that places you on track for experiencing all that YOU desire in life. How awesome is that!!!?

Christie N. experienced a holistic approach with each session

“My Vitality Coach is a gifted teacher. He has an intuitive ability to sense what’s holding you back, the skill to communicate that honestly and compassionately, and the determination to stick with you as you make challenging life changes. My coach has made me realize that health is about much more than physical fitness—it’s also about the mind and spirit. I’ve experienced a truly holistic approach where each session meets what I need, whether that be invigorating exercise or relaxing breathwork.”

—Christie N.

Now, if determining how to live according to your goals and values seems a little too fluffy for you, you might be more interested in another aspect of stress reduction (described below). Without further ado, let’s get technical…

Part of stress reduction programming stems from the understanding that the body is a cybernetic system—a system of systems working harmoniously together (hopefully). Much like an automobile relies on its various parts or systems to run efficiently, your body’s systems (Musculoskeletal, Visceral, Hormonal, Limbic/Emotional) work together and depend on each other for your well-being.

For example, when you consume too much sugar at one time you’ll stimulate an insulin surge (Hormonal) from your pancreas (Visceral). Soon you’ll feel lethargic (Limbic/Emotional) due to a blood sugar crash. Does this sound familiar? Hopefully this lethargy doesn’t lead to an unproductive day at work, further piling up your workload and contributing to job related stress (Limbic/Emotional). At the very least however, you being tired probably leads to slouching at your desk and postural stress (Musculoskeletal). You know the feeling…tightness in the neck and/or aches and pains in the upper back area.

In just this one brief example you can see how stress can pile up in different areas real quickly—one problem easily influences another.

This follows the Minimal Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation principle our body operates on (that’s a mouthful). Essentially, pain is energy in the body, and any excessive energy—which the body perceives as pain—must be distributed amongst the body’s various systems (Musculoskeletal, Hormonal, etc.) in order to avoid a stress overload in any particular system. When this overload occurs and energy is trapped in a particular system, it over-stimulates the associated cells and may lead to dis-ease.

We should probably keep this technical stuff to ourselves because it probably leaves you asking, “What the heck did they just say?” However, sometimes we need to get a little detailed and technical (not something you’ll find in most clubs or gyms).

“Working with my Vitality Coach over the past year has been a very rewarding and positive experience for me. When we began I was highly stressed and taking several different medications for health concerns. My coach not only helped me lower my stress levels with specific lifestyle programming, but I’m also happy to be in great health…without any medication!”

—Phil A.

Our goal here is to determine how much stress is affecting the many systems within your body, what the cause(s) of this stress are, and what are the appropriate actions or methods to utilize in order to reduce this stress. Are you more likely to lose weight working up a sweat participating in aerobics or winding down with yoga? Would massage or nutritional programming resolve your pain?

These questions and others are answered in an effort to reduce the amount of stress your body experiences. Less stress…how’s that sound?


Pilar L. says:

“At 37 and after three kids, it only took six months to look & feel better than I did in my 20s.”

Vicki G. says:

“After being away from a gym for over 20 years, I thought getting back to exercising would be hard and strenuous. It may have been tough on my own, but not with the great staff at Clairevista. They made it fun and easy to get started again. It’s been just three months and I feel better than I have in years, and by the compliments I receive, I must look better too! Thanks, Clairevista!!!”