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Are You A “Well-Being”?

It’s important that we not forget how important all aspects of our lives intertwine with one another.

What Does Our Logo Mean?

I know plenty of you have seen our logo and wonder what the hell it could possibly have to do with health/fitness…or a gym.

Easily Reduce The Risk Of Shoulder Problems While Bench Pressing

We shouldn’t knock the old-school exercises that make us feel good and keep us motivated in the gym.

Kale Recipe – Better Than Chips!

This kale chip snack is not only delicious, but super nutritious!

The Second Most Important Exercise Everyone MUST Do

Training the body to support itself with the legs split and to stabilize on one leg is essential if you’re to live a life that is at all physically active.

Power Through Your Workouts With Homemade POWER WATER!

You cannot simply sprinkle in a few random vitamins and minerals and have a product that is anything like a REAL food product…

The One Gym Exercise You MUST Do

If you can’t squat, you can’t get on and off the potty, right? You can’t get off the couch (which you might be on too much already).

How To Choose A Personal Trainer In Dallas

But not all personal trainers are created equal, so how do you find the right personal trainer for you?

Breathe With The Belly And LOSE The Belly

I’m going to expand here on a Facebook post earlier today where I mentioned that diaphragmatic breathing can reduce stress and enhance your ability to lose weight.

Chris vs. His Endorphins (or lack thereof) vs. A West Dallas Half-Marathon

I don’t know if I’ve really yet experienced an “endorphin high”. Maybe someone can tell me. I mean, there was one run I went on after a couple cocktails.


Chris Weigel, Owner/Manager of Clairevista Vitality Club

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