flowersIt’s said that April showers bring May flowers.  I think most of us can understand this comment and agree on it.  How about this one: water delivers nourishment to the roots in our lives that spring forth health and beauty.  I probably just spent way to much time going back to my college course on descriptive writing to come up with that one line.  Let me get to the point and avoid writing styles that led me to receiving a whole lot of red ink on a few graded papers.  Water to your body is as essential for good health as April showers are to May flowers.  Seventy-five percent of your body is made up of water (85% of brain tissue).  You could say that we are primarily made up of water.  What does a plant look like that hasn’t received the amount of water it desires or requires?  It looks sickly, right?  I firmly believe that oftentimes people feel sickly not because they’re sick, but because they’re DEHYDRATED.


Water is necessary for EVERY function of the body to work well.  It transports essential elements such as hormones, nutrients, and chemical messengers to all your vital organs, including your muscles while you’re trying to get your pump on.  It’s so important that even a fetus is able to give the mother feedback alerting of dehydration.  We call this feedback “morning sickness”.  You didn’t know that one, did you?  Water then continues to be of importance as we develop and age by regulating things such as metabolism, energy production, cell structure, and protein and enzyme function. Since your body does not have a water reserve, it has to work with your intake and prioritize where that water goes.  If you think you’re body is going to prioritize your desire for a toned body and glowing skin over your heart or kidneys maintaining their function, think again.  If you don’t look or feel like you desire, consider that you might be dehydrated.


You might also be less focused or sharp mentally because you’re dehydrated.  In prolonged dehydration the brain cells begin to shrink like a plum gradually becoming a prune.  Prunes in your head – not a pretty picture.  In a dehydrated state many functions of brain cells are disrupted.  If you’re ever feeling a little foggy, try drinking some water.  If fact, if you’re beyond foggy and actually have a headache, consider that too is oftentimes a sign of dehydration.  So before you reach for a pill to mask your headache (symptom), reach for a few glasses of water.  It may take you a couple hours or so to rehydrate and wash away your headache, but at least you’ll be solving the problem instead of treating a symptom.  Many, many symptoms we experience such as arthritis, low back pain, digestive issues, asthma, high cholesterol, allergies and others nuisances can be overcome by prioritizing a well hydrated body.


How much water consumed each day is enough to stay hydrated?  In general, half your body-weight in ounces per water, per day (200 lb. person should consumer 100 oz./day).  Sounds like a lot, right?  Well, it isn’t, but it probably seems that way relative to how much you currently drink.  If you consider ALL the fluids you drink – coffee, cola, juice, alcohol – you probably consume this much in fluids.  These fluids are not the same as pure water, tea included.  You need to be especially concerned about those fluids that contain caffeine.  Caffeine is a dehydrating agent that if consumed regularly will actually limit and even exhaust your body’s ability to produce it’s own energy.  One last point for those of you concerned about weight loss…


Hunger is one of your body’s first signs of dehydration.  Your brain will send this signal when it needs fuel requiring water to deliver.  What do we generally do when we get hungry?  We eat!  If we eat when the body really doesn’t need more food, we’re not only adding calories to be stored as fat in our body, but we’re also not using up our current fat/sugar reserves to feed the brain because water is not available for the transportation of these stored nutrients.  So…drink water and LOSE WEIGHT!


Drinking water is easy.  There’s no reason you shouldn’t be giving yourself the bare minimum – a hydrated body – when it comes to your efforts to live a happy and healthy life.  Drink up and give yourself a much better shot at attaining your health and fitness goals.  For more information about water I suggest you go to:





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Chris Weigel, Owner/Manager of Clairevista Vitality Club

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