HELLO to all of you who follow me or my Clairevista Vitality Club.  If you know me well, you know that blogging, Facebook, Twitter and the like have always been somewhere on the back burner for me.  I’m an “in-person” kind of guy.  However, I realize that communicating electronically is now a primary way for people to search for answers to issues, keep in touch with their interests and so on.  So here I am…ready to speak to you from afar just as if you were standing in front of me—right from the heart and without much of a filter.

This blog is going to be primarily dedicated to topics related to helping people live happier and healthier.  That cause is why I established Clairevista, and it’s why I continue to stay up on the “truth” related to health, fitness and what really brings one happiness.  Hopefully, you’ve got a little room to become healthier or pursue more happiness…and you’ll follow my posts and contribute to the discussion.  If not, I’ll just write to myself.  It’ll be kind of like talking to myself, which I’ve been known to do (some very intelligent conversations I might add ;)  Let’s get started with this idea: personal accountability.

Throughout my posts I’ll write on a myriad of topics that I think will be interesting and of help to most people.  But, if you can’t accept the idea for being responsible for your own life, including your health & happiness, then you’ll probably want to check out someone else’s blog.  After being in the health & fitness industry for over 17 years now, I can tell you without any second-guessing that those who accept that they have control to change their diet, change their activity level, change their mind-set, change their lifestyle, CHANGE PERIOD…are those who solve the problems they come to me for (weight loss, stress, pain, etc.).

Clairevista—the club and my Team—are available to provide solutions to your health & fitness related goals, but solutions are more like a directions or a map that you ultimately need to follow.  Together, you’ll find the answer to healthy & happy living.  Just remember that you’re ultimately in charge of that pursuit and we’re kind of like the crew you employ to help sail you toward that destination without getting lost along the way.  Does that sound like something we can agree on?  Hopefully, because I’m saving the more controversial topics for later on…when I’ve got a few hundred or thousand people I can stir the pot with. ;)

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll continue to do so, along with sending me your thoughts and feedback whenever you desire to do so.

In Health & Happiness,

Chris Weigel

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