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CV_blueHello! It’s not supposed to take a month to push out a blog post (gives you an idea of how much I like to write), but better late than never, right? Last post I discussed where our name “Clairevista” came from. Today, I’m going to explain – sort of – what our three-petaled logo represents. I know plenty of you have seen our logo and wonder what the hell it could possibly have to do with health/fitness…or a gym. Well, it does…I just haven’t defined it. Maybe you could help me???

The idea began with knowing that our lives can be related to many trinities. Let’s start with the fact that we know nothing without also knowing it’s opposite. You don’t know hot unless you also know cold…light from dark…good as opposed to bad…and so on… Our day-to-day experiences are linked to this reality. But, what we also experience is that which is lies between – everything else, or, a third definitive option.  For example, a trinity exists to us associated with ‘past, present, and future’. That’s not a bad way to define our logo’s trinity.  As we learn about your past and recognize where you’re at,  we then put together a plan for how to create your future. Should we go with that meaning? Similarly, we could go with ‘before, now, and after’, or ‘here, there, and the space between’. What do think?  The old-school gym rat in me says, “no pump, getting pumped, pumped up!”

The trinity is often referred to by Christians – ‘Father, Son, and Holy Ghost’. Some scientists might refer to ‘energy, matter, and ether’. Philosophers might espouse the idea of ‘thought, word, and deed’. Most common to our health/fitness profession is probably the idea of ‘mind, body, and soul’. Should we tag along with that idea? We certainly believe in it. For the past few years we’ve used the tagline, “Get Fit. Have Fun. Live Well”. I like it, but I don’t know that I love it. Truth be told, my initial tagline for Clairevista was “Discover Life in Balance”. That was such a great idea! Let’s put the ambiguity of “Clairevista” and “Vitality Club” with “Discover Life in Balance”…whatever the hell that means.  Brilliant!!!  Ugh…

So, the fact of the matter is that our logo represents a trinity. It just hasn’t been defined. Someday I will define it, but until then…I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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Chris Weigel, Owner/Manager of Clairevista Vitality Club

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