What’s The Story Behind Our Name “Clairevista”?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked where the name “Clairevista” came from or what the meaning of it is.  Understandable.  I mean, where else do you see the word related to anything???  It’s probably funny then that a business would take a word that people can’t identify with, to have as their name for people to identify with.  Maybe that’s not funny…maybe it’s stupid.  Either way, I’ll own it and tell you how it came about…

Before Clairevista was incorporated, a fellow practitioner – Roland Mensikovas – and I were working on a new concept for a gym.  I was in the process of selling my gym in Uptown – Fit-Zone – and wanted to open something that identified with all that he and I did as holistic health & fitness practitioners.  We needed a name, but what name or words could represent all that we did at the time – exercise programming, nutrition consulting, stress management & lifestyle coaching, massage therapy, athletic development, pain relief, membership sales, etc., etc…  We felt like commonly used descriptions in our industry such as “health club” or “gym” didn’t describe our holistic approach and put us in direct competition with other gyms or health clubs when we really didn’t feel like we wanted to compete head-to-head with the typical gym membership selling businesses and their services.  So…we came up with “Vitality Club”.  This was what Clairevista was originally going to be named (as if anyone knew what the hell a Vitality Club was).  During a review of our business plan at an club biz workshop, we convinced by the “expert” that the name wasn’t a good one.  If I recall correctly, he identified a Vitality Club with an old folks home.  The search continued…

We knew we had to secure a good web address…www.something.  You wouldn’t believe how hard that is.  EVERYTHING is seemingly taken.  That’s why so many businesses now are made up words.  So, we searched for words that were inclusive of all that we did, was available as a web address, and wasn’t in conflict with any other businesses.  After much searching we concluded that English just wasn’t going to work.  How any business has been able to name itself in English since our exhaustive search in 2007 is beyond me. :Þ

We turned our focus on Latin and Greek words and definitions and stumbled upon Clairevista, which in Latin means “clear view”.  We felt that was appropriate since what we ultimately did working with clients was show them a clear view as to how to attain their goal(s).  We still liked the idea of calling our gym a Vitality Club so that it wasn’t identified with the typical fitness center.  Viola!  Clairevista Vitality Club.  A name that could only be identified with us, and a name that no one could identify with.  Sometimes you truly out-think yourself.  I’m thinking (or not thinking) my next facility will be called “Chris’s Kick-Ass Gym”…

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Chris Weigel, Owner/Manager of Clairevista Vitality Club

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