Work-out or Work-in?

Earlier this week I did something that I hadn’t done in almost two years…I had a massage.  OMG!  I had forgotten just how good that feels and what an instant and lasting affect massage can have.  You would think that having massage available in my club the past three years would mean that I readily scheduled this wonderfulness.  You would think.  But, I, like so many, get caught up in other things that seem more important.  After this last massage I can tell you unequivocally…I prioritized a lot of things that were less important to me and my body than massage.


Most of us tend to be some combination of “hamsters” – people who need to be constantly doing something – and “blind mice” – people who are running around without knowing if they’re really going in the right direction at any given time.  I guess that means I’m calling most us…”blind hamsters”. :)  It’s rare that I come across someone who has clearly defined their priorities in life and who lives them on a day-to-day basis.  It’s much more common to see and converse with people who are doing what someone or something else thinks is best for them.  They commonly chase quick fixes to problems and have a hard time actually diving down to what the REAL problem(s) is and a real solution for it.  Instant gratification is more common than long-term, thoughtful planning.  Can you say this about you?  I’m sure we all can from time-to-time.  In my case, my recent massage was just what I needed to reel me back in and have my body feeling like it wasn’t chasing instant gratification (how much can I lift…how much can I lose…how do I stand on a ball one-legged while doing the peppermint twist…;)


You see, if you work and work…workout and workout…stress your body and stress your body…eventually it’s going to break down.  You’ll wind up like me with areas of chronic tightness and aches that won’t go away.  Physically, you can’t push and push without having a similar amount of time dedicated to relaxation and restoration.  The same can be said for your mental/emotional health.  You can’t give and give mentally and emotionally to your job or to people without finding ways to replenish this energy you’ve given.  There’s many ways to do this.  For example, eating healthy foods, spending time in nature, doing yoga or tai chi, or in my case getting a massage.  There’s a time to work-out, and there’s a time to “work-in”.


My massage was just one hour out of my day (or out of the last two years) that has reduced a nagging low back ache better than anything I’ve tried on my own.  I’ve stretched.  I’ve foam rolled.  I’ve detoxed.  I’ve worked on my posture.  I’ve changed the way I sleep.   I’ve done a lot over the past two years to try and resolve this issue.  That’s typical for many of us; we’ll either try and fix something on our own or we’ll just hope it goes away eventually.  Sometimes this approach works.  But, if you’re finding that you’re “stuck” in some way (mentally, physically)…don’t be afraid to pony up a few bucks and get some help from someone skilled in resolving the issue(s) nagging you.  Your body will thank you BIGTIME!

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Chris Weigel, Owner/Manager of Clairevista Vitality Club

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